Another day, another cycle

With the helping hand of good weather (albeit a tad too chilly for being nearly the end of April!) I am thoroughly enjoying cycling every day. I have now got to that milestone point where if I don’t cycle I miss it terribly and have withdrawal symptoms, no joking! I was using the train and bus yesterday as I had a meeting to go to that I couldn’t get to by bike and I was seriously suffering especially the waiting around bit!

I was rather giddy this morning at the thought of being back on the saddle and to cycle to work. I am starting to recognise fellow cyclists and I even got an ‘hello’ from a lycra man this morning, much appreciated! Thank you!

I love how much detail I experience during my commute cycle: the lollipop ladies and men en-route now recognise me and wave me hello in the morning, hearing the lawn mowers and smelling the fresh cut grass, waiting at the lights and catching some lovely sweet conversations between a mother and daughter.

I also keep seeing this lovely lady, she must be in her 60s, both in the morning and in the afternoons, but we always go in opposite directions on the 40mile/hr road so I never have time to stop and say hello. She rides a lovely pink mountain bike with a basket, in her every day clothes, with a fluorescent band around her arm (for visibility when she indicates to turn right) and a white skateboard-like helmet. I see her everyday without fail, she’s such a great inspiration!

for bike wardrobe remix:

black ballet pumps: from a little shop in Sheffield (to avoid losing them when I tip-toe at traffic lights I ‘wear’ little red elastic bands, the one that the postmen keep leaving behind!)
black leggings: M&S
starry dress: thrifted/charity shop

#15daysofbiking count:
Day#5 – 9 miles
Day#6 – 2 miles
Day#7 – 9 miles


4 responses to “Another day, another cycle

  1. This is adorably chic – a hard combo to pull off. The first picture brings to mind Audrey Hepburn and then – stars! I like it 🙂

    Withdrawal symptoms are good when it comes to cycling. Isn’t waiting the worst? I don’t know how everyone deals with it every day.

  2. I used to rely on buses every day and I would waste so much time in waiting for buses which were late or even cancelled, just like that. The freedom that I’ve gained with the bike (and money saving) is just brilliant! 😀

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