Day #4 – #15daysofbiking

cycling with potatoes and seeds to plant

Yesterday being Sunday, I spent the morning at the allotment, planting potatoes and broad beans, waiting for warmer weather for runner beans, french beans and peas.

How did I get to it? By bike of course! A quick enjoyable ride once again down the Fallowfield Loop for an easy 3mile round ride.

views over the allotments

This morning (Day #5) it has started raining again, but that didn’t stop me from coming to work avec le vélo 😉 I am noticing that my 9mile round commute is starting to feel very natural and not tiring at all, success!


One response to “Day #4 – #15daysofbiking

  1. You have an allotment? You lucky girl! I put in an application for one last year.. heard something back from the Council a few weeks ago, but goodness knows how long the wait will be! I’d love to cycle down to mine (if I ever get one!)

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