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Things I’ve read, things I am reading…

“It’s All About the Bike” by Robert Penn. Received as a birthday present, by a friend who knows me like a book (pardon the pun!) and read in a heartbeat. I thoroughly recommend. Full of quirky knowledge, history about the bike and Penn’s own quest to create his own perfect bike, by finding all the very best parts from around the world. Luxurious I know, but we can all live a little vicariously through his narrative…

Cyclo-pedia, by William Fotheringham, is a delightful book, full of history on bikes, riders and oddities in the cycling world. I love the graphic and typefonts (geek alert!!) and it’s yellow (!), which just makes you wanna smile! Fotheringham says: “The particular joy of cycling is in its infinite variety, its seemingly boundless history. Get on a bike and you can go anywhere, literally and metaphorically”. We like him, a lot!

“Life between buildings” by Jan Gehl… a book on architecture and urbanism  looking and discussing at public spaces and how the cities can be planned at human-scale, encouraging people’s interaction and how not to allow the car to take over. Technical at times, but it’s still an interesting read, which I would recommend to anyone. A great book to borrowed from the library!

“La bici sopra Berlino” by Max Mauro (in Italian, no English version unfortunately!!!). If you have seen the film “Wings of Desire” by Wim Wenders this book will make sense and will enchant you just as much as the film, which I love. I wish this book would get translated in English, I think a lot of people would enjoy it!

“Bicycle Diaries” by David Byrne… an account of the cities he visited in his traveles: a view from his folding bike path. Good read, but somehow I did not warm to it.

“Ride in the Neon Sun” by Josie Dew… The reason why I have my Dawes Tourer… a witty, funny, inspirational woman! My superhero… forget Lance Armstrong!

“Dans la rue du monde” by Claude Marthaler… in Italian or French only (sorry!)

9 responses to “My Bookshelf

  1. Agree with you about ‘Bicycle Diaries’ LC, although I did like his bike rack designs.

    Josie Dew is on another level. I read her first book a few years ago – ‘Wind in my Wheels’ – and afterwards thought ‘Bloody Noras’. She really is something else!

  2. If I may, I’d like to recommend the following book…
    “The Lead Goat Veered Off” by Neil Anderson
    It’s my kind of humour and a very interesting / different take on a cycle tour. If you’re a hardened cycle tourist you’ll find yourself nodding knowingly, and if you have never cycle toured this could well give you the final push to try it. At worst it should make you smile.
    It’s avilable here if you’re interested, with some sections on the site so you can get a feel for what’s in store.

  3. I also agree on the David Byrne assessment. It just didn’t grab me, perhaps because I am over the “uber artsy” thing after my own MFA experience.
    Can’t wait to read A Ride in the Neon Sun, it sounds fun!

  4. Could not agree more on Bicycle Diaries. It was a pleasant sort of montage of anecdotes but the word ‘pointless’ springs to mind. It was missing any incite; cycling is fun but, unless you have something new to say or someone new to say it to, I’d rather be doing it than reading about it.

  5. Hi there,
    Your blog is fun to read!
    Have to check out that book by Byrne.
    I have seen “Wings of Desire” and I really liked it.
    Peace 🙂

  6. Hi
    I recommend “The Bicycle Book” by Bella Bathurst. I saw her speak at the Edinburgh book festival and she was really interesting. I am reading her book now.

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