6 responses to “And then we were three…

  1. Congratulations! I too cycled throughout my pregnancy and cycled to St Mary’s the day I was to be induced. I think cycling contributed massively to my fantastic pregnancy. No aches, no excessive weight gain, just general all round feeling great (smug). My son is now 3 months and I’m determined to use my preferred method of transport, He follows me in a trailer. Unfortunately the poor cycle infrastructure in Manchester; which prior to giving birth i confidently used has made me think twice before pedaling on and my cycling has sadly reduced. I’d be interested to hear how you get on riding with your daughter.

    • Hi Sarah! How great to hear from fellow cycling-mum! I have recovered remarkably quickly and well from an emergency c-section i think all thanks to my cycling during pregnancy. I feel slightly scared at the thought of using child trailer because of our awful Mancunian drivers. Even though I’m dreading having to wait so long till she’ll be child seat ready. What’s your set up with your son? I’d like the idea of being out already on the bike with her so little 🙂

  2. Late but heartfelt congratulations from us LC!

    Enjoy every minute because that old cliche about them growing up in a flash is very very true.

    The bike adventures you will love I promise – Emma now regularly pinches Wends Pashley & 8yr old Moll is a regular shopping trip partner for me along with coming along on rides down the canal towpath – your new addition will love you for being a Wheeler 🙂

    • 🙂 thanks Ian! I can’t wait. Hoping for her to develop strong neck sooner so we can get on our bikes come spring! x

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