GM Cycling Manifesto

April 2012 saw the launch of the Greater Manchester Cycling Manifesto!

The manifesto’s 5 principle keys are:

  1. Cycling infrastructure should be high quality, consistent and appropriate.
  2. Cycling should be fully integrated into the public transport system.
  3. On-road cycling training courses should be provided free of charge for adults.
  4. Residential areas should have a default speed limit of 20mph.
  5. Campaigns to promote cycling from A to B should be bold, sustained and targeted.

A fantastic charter drafted and created by the brilliant people of Love Your Bike and supported by a range of businesses and organisations of GM.

Please go read it, share it and enjoy it!

You know how much I believe in cycling to create a liveable and an enjoyable city, with much reduced level of congestion for a Manchester returned to a people-scale, which is what it deserves. This, for me, is a tangible step towards all that!

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