Cycling + Yoga + Pregnancy


I was happy when I took this photo, I promise!!

All doable! That’s me going to my antenatal yoga at 34 weeks.

Enjoy.Have fun.

Delighted to have received this super tweet from Brigid cycling at 39 weeks! (click on the link to see the lovely photo of Brigid on her Raleigh Twenty!).

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 16.05.55

I am grateful for my bike, for my legs and my active body. To whoever dares telling you “should you be cycling in your condition?” feel free to give them the fingers (metaphorically… a silent, wide smile works much better and it’s more satisfying… trust me).

Last week I received the very sad news of a good person who lost her fight to a horrible illness Mitochondrial Disease, she was only in her 20s. Go live life, go hug your loved ones, carpe diem a little more, we just don’t know how long we are gonna be here for so make the most of it!

4 responses to “Cycling + Yoga + Pregnancy

  1. Awesome. You’re looking fantastic. Today I cycled to my first midwife appointment. So far everyone (especially the older generations) are encouraging me to keep cycling for as long as possible 😀
    Good luck on the big day. Not long now x

    • Whahay!!!! Congrats Georgie 🙂 that’s fantastic news! Enjoy cycling with baby bump, it’s a lot of fun. Lxxx

      • Thanks 🙂 I’ve invested in an actual second hand mountain bike to keep riding off road for as long as I can. Lower gears & some suspension should help!! I’m still leading rides for the club for the next couple of months xxx

      • Sounds like a good plan. The only bane of pregnancy cycling has been potholes… If you’re going off road suspensions sound like a good idea 😉

        It’s such a lovely sensation feeling baby kick and somersault while you ride (usually towards the end of the second trimester onwards).

        Wishing you a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy avec bike! Xxx

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