I am an ‘adopted’ Mancunian, living car-free in a city that I love and in a household where there are more bikes than people!

In 2008, thanks to my partner’s love for cycling, I decided to start riding again… conquer the  worry of cycling in traffic… Manchester is beautiful but busy! However bit by bit my confidence grew and my love for cycling bloomed when I stumbled upon Vita, my Pashley Princess Sovereign.

She‘s now an extension of my body, always joint at the hip going onto little Mancunian adventures together! And now my own bicycle family is growing with the addition of Barolo, a 1997 Dawes tourer, ready for more adventures, this time farther afield! And since summer 2012, a red Brompton too.

I am also an architect and urban designer, but if you expect me to wear black polo necks, corduroy trousers and talk in complex jargon, that’s not me 😉 I work with individuals and communities to support – and hopefully enable – sustainable projects, I am a great believer of low carbon, low tech solutions and I love cycling because it makes so much sense on so many levels, as well as being fun!

This blog may have some structured posts about infrastructure analysis and perhaps comparison with other, more advanced countries that we can take inspiration from… but it’s mostly and simply about my passion for (bi)cycling, in going from A to B on my trusty bikes, which (crazily enough) I consider my friends of adventures!

I enjoy supporting the gentle but growing wonderful cycling culture in this city of Manchester… and that’s why Naturally Cycling: Manchester was born!

If you want to contact me, ask me anything about the blog, cycling in Manchester etc, you can reach me via this email:

ciaolc82 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

All photography on the blog is by  yours truly, otherwise it is dutifully referenced back to the original source. All photos are Copyrighted of Naturally Cycling Manchester. If you want to use any of them for Creative Commons only, please let me know first, out of courtesy. Many thanks!

10 responses to “Hi!

  1. Hi,
    Great to meet you and share the same opinion of cycling: everyday clothes, commuting, shopping by bike… I am doing this in Hong Kong too if you have time to check out my blog.

    I was in studying in Owens, staying in Fallowfield for 3 years.

  2. Love this blog. My partner has 3 bikes, she seems to not be able to leave them in a shop, and have decided after reading your posts that as I have bikes a plenty at my disposal I definitely want to cycle next months critical mass. Does it still meet at the library?

    • Hi there! Yes, it does 🙂 even though it’s a bit of a building site at the moment, but you’ll never miss the big crowd of bikes that gathers there the last Friday of every month!

  3. Hi!

    The annual Cyclenation/CTC conference is taking place in Sheffield, UK on October 15th, with a full range of cycling and social events around the conference.

    What’s it all about? The Coalition Governments Localism policies present a challenge for organisations set up for national campaigning. Local groups are ideally placed to meet the government’s agenda, but don’t necessarily have the resources to campaign effectively. How can the national organisations – CTC, Cyclenation – support these groups effectively? At this conference we will reveal our strategies for stronger support for local groups.

    For more info and booking go to


    Or contact the Cyclenation secretary at secretary@cyclenation.org.uk

    • Hey Harry, you are absolutely right! We all know each other in this cycling community of ours, but yes we should be better connected 🙂

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