A cycle in the park

Today another sunny day greeted us “morning!”, and since PB left bright an early I caught the occasion to leave home earlier than usual and stop by the local park near where I now work, as I had not been there since a good 5 years!

Abney Hall Park is delightful, although now close to the motorway it is still a little haven for birds and small animals. Not to mention a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

Cycling round it with Pashley I felt going back in time a little.

To advocate that you can cycle in your normal clothes here’s a headless shot (I know!) of what I was wearing today! High waste soft trousers, a sparkly top with a cardi (as the air is still cold despite the sun) and my lovely Jones the Bootmaker shoes with heel, oh yes!

So apologies for my cut off head, but the little tree trunk I rested my camera on was a bit too low!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

#15daysofbiking count
Day#8: 10 miles

2 responses to “A cycle in the park

    • hey Simeon! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I think that slowly but surely more people are rediscovering the benefit and pleasure of cycling as an everyday mode of transport… I, for one, will certainly carry on sharing my experience, just to show that cycling is natural, fun and simple!

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