Fallowfield Loop in autumn

Not so much as a proper bike related post, but nonetheless I wanted to share these two autumnal pictures of the Fallowfield Loop. I’ve been looking after the family dog, Kip, for two weeks and we’ve been taking lots of walks in the park and down the Loop. Amidst this, plenty of cycle rides for errands and study, but as it’s been chucking it down I have had no inclination to take pics of me looking rather soggy (sorry!)… I promise to do better, I am sure we’ll have plenty of Mancunian rain in the coming months that I will not be short of opportunities.

I love watching the seasons change as I now use the Fallowfield Loop on a daily basis : )

Kip: a fast moving 'object' = blurred background

Three little leaves, pitch by my step...


PS – I was cycling to Chorlton yesterday, down Wilbraham Rd and saw signs tied to a few old & big trees, planted on the pavement, saying “This tree will be felled in November 2010”. The trees in question looked perfectly healthy to me. Does anybody know why? I was cycling slowly, but still cycling, so could not read the small print. I’ll be round that way again next week, I’ll try and stop and take some pics.


10 responses to “Fallowfield Loop in autumn

  1. It is just a guess but I imagine someone drove their car into one of the trees, and the “road safety” types have decided that the trees need to go to stop it happening again. It is obvious to most that those in charge of the vehicles are to blame, not the trees, but this kind of thing is not uncommon.

    • really??? Oh dear, I hope not… how sad!!!! although like you said, not uncommon and thus not so surprising. But surely, in a way, it’s better a car crashing onto a tree that directly into the house behind it? (I am going to have my head smacked for this comment, I know)…

      • It isn’t just the houses which they’d protect, the trees may also protect pedestrians who could otherwise be hit. The is one even less palatable, but still realistic option to explain the tree felling; creation of more space for car parking.

  2. I love the Fallowfield Loop! I’m so grateful to the volunteers who keep it tidy. I’ve also seen those notices on trees on Mauldeth Road West, but as I was driving not sure what it was about. The trees did look beautiful, but the falling leaves in autumn really are a nuisance on the roads and pavements. Maybe the answer is to clean them up sooner instead of chop down the trees. Also, let me know if you want to meet up! Email: nwisbest@gmail.com

    • The thing is round where I live we have a leaf/gutter sweeper (one of those little car with brushes etc) from the Council coming round at least once a month and we are residential roads, so surely they could be deployed on more busy roads like the ones we’ve seen these signs on? I am baffled! I’ll email you soon!! : )

  3. Re: Trees – probably to feed somebody’s woodburning stove! Jus kidding. Mr C may be right – a car park for faux-sustainable types to drive their cars to the loop every weekend to go for a bike ride LOL

    Agree with Nuresma – great pics & nice dawg.

    I’m ashamed to admit this, but our late faithful hound Cass’ was anti-cycling. She was a larger than average Sheltie with a bit too much of her sheepdog herding instinct still intact! Miss her loads of course, but it’s nice to be able to climb aboard a bike & not see her teeth :>D

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