6 months and a Fallowfield Loop ride

Well between showers, downpours and depressing European elections results, on Monday we were graced with a sunny Bank Holiday.

A day for relaxation, gardening and a bike ride.

We learnt of a car boot sale in the car park of the Houldsworth Mill Emporium, which was a lovely short bike ride from us down the Fallowfield Loop and through only few and very quiet streets in Reddish.

Floop in full spring

The FLoop – a green feast!

I haven’t been on my bike since we got back from Cornwall due to the rain (pregnancy has turned me into a fair-weather rider, mostly due to feeling less safe on the road – not me, but the drivers who take no notice of wet driving conditions), and it was so nice to pump up the tires on Pashley and go. When I ride my bike with my growing bump I don’t feel the extra weight at all, it’s such a pleasure. I hope to continue riding well into my third trimester.

bike date :)

bike date

You can now definitely spot that I am cycling for two 😉

Bump! 25 weeks

Bump & stripes! 25 weeks

It’s been nice to be cycling till now with my very ‘reserved’ bump and I’ve worried at incidents of people’s narrow-mindness and tutting as I progress into my last stage of pregnancy, but instead I have continued to be surprised that all I meet is little smiles and nods as I cycle pass!

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