Pentewan Trail – Cornwall

Pentewan beach

Pentewan beach

We spent a lovely week in Cornwall not long ago. Our mini holiday before baby arrives, as summer will be chock-a-block with work before I go on maternity leave.

The advantage of having your vacation in the UK by car and having folding bikes, especially, is that you can take your bikes with you as you never know what you can explore on two wheels once you get to your destination.

We found a delightful campsite near St. Austell, which became the base of our Cornish explorations. St. Austell has also got great rail connections and we made use of them to visit St Ives one day, as we decided to give driving a break.

Another day instead we decided to explore the surrounding areas by bike as our campsite landlady had recommended us the Pentewan Trail, which follows the old Pentewan railway, opened in 1830 and in operation till early 1900s.

As I was already passed 5 months pregnant (the route from the campsite to the trail was decidedly steep!) we decided to drive (10min) to the start of the trail and then used the bikes for the rest of the day.

We cycled up to St Austell first and explored the town, we then got back on the trail and headed to Pentewan beach.

Pit stop at Pentewan bay

Pit stop at Pentewan bay

The Pentewan Trail - nimble Bromptons were brilliant and received lots of attention too

The Pentewan Trail – nimble Bromptons were brilliant and received lots of attention too

Panda at 5 months pregnant :-)

Panda at 5 months pregnant 🙂

All in all we were out on our bikes all day, and I enjoyed being on the Brompton a lot. As I have been using mainly Pashley for my cycling errands, I had forgotten how light and nimble Brompton is. I am sure it will come into its own as I get bigger and a little heavier in my third trimester.

Discovering how beautiful this part of Cornwall is and also how convenient to explore the rest of the county, we are sure we will be coming back again here next year… with a baby in tow! Research into child bike seats for the Bromptons has already begun!

4 responses to “Pentewan Trail – Cornwall

  1. We have used our Bromptons to pull our youngest baby in his carseat inside a Burley trailer, then when kiddies got older they used to sit side by side in the burley, while daddy pulled them along with the Brompton.

    Otherwise you could use the popular ITchair

    Have fun!
    Jo ( North Cornwall) x

    • Hi Jo!

      How did you find the baby car seat into the trailer combo? We’ve been looking into options that we could allows us to get back on our bikes before baby it’s 9 months old (for bike seat). We’ve even considered a cargo bike, but Manchester has a long way to go before being friendly to cargo bikes enough to be a bike we’d use everyday (because of the initial outlay we’d need to invest – I’m a little bit in love with a Bakfiets)…

      L x

      • We used a Burley D’Lite with a stroller kit, so you can turn it into pushchair that you can pish with 1 finger it is that light!

        With the carseat in the trailer, baby is too young to wear a helmet, and we had to fiddle to strap the carseat into the trailer a bit. Mind you that was 7 years ago so the design will have changed a bit I suspect. It may be worth going to a shop where you can see and touch the trailer before buying. We stuck to recreational journeys, mostly cycleways ( we lived in Bath at the time) until he could sit upright, without the carseat and wear a helmet.
        I have cycled here in Cornwall using the brompton to pull 2 kiddies, in & out of town, it is hard work as there are hills everywhere. The flag helps visibility but the cars come way too close to the trailer for my comfort! However on the cycleways and quiet roads it is much better.

        I know what you mean about the Bakfiets! I was lusting after one too!
        But the Burley trailer was/ is great.

        Have fun!
        Jo x

      • Thanks Jo! We’ll have a good look around at options. We have great cycleways here too but unfortunately daft barriers placed regularly along them are impossible for trailers, trikes and even wheelchairs (talk about accessibility!).

        It’s a shame there’s no option (so it seems) to hire a Bakfiets for example rather than buy. We’d definitely look into that 😉


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