Cycling during pregnancy – article and resources by other mums-to-be

I am always interested to hear about and read of other women who cycled (or are cycling currently) while pregnant.

Simply because it’s nice to share stories and hear about others’ experience.

S. of Simply Bike not only wrote extensively on her experience in both pregnancies on her blog, but she also collected a great series of guest posts by women from all over the world.

I also then came across a nice post on Cyle Sprog titled “Bumps on bikes” that collates more write ups of women who cycled through their pregnancies.

(from Cycle Sprog) Mums’ own experience of cycling during pregnancy:

CTC’s Victoria Hazael writes about how she continued cycling until the 39th week of her pregnancy

Guardian writer Sam Haddad, explores peoples’ reactions to her continuing to cycle whilst pregnant

Mum Sarah Blackburn shares her experiences of cycling in London whilst pregnant,including cycling to her 37 week hospital appointment

British Cycling’s Dawn Rahman writes here on Cycle Sprog about her experiences of cycling up until week 39 of her pregnancy, including leading Breeze Network rides

The American based Simply Bike blog has a series of posts from women all over the world who have shared their experiences of cycling whilst pregnant which are all accompanied by some wonderful photos

Anna Semlyen (author of Cutting Your Car Use: Save Money, be Healthy, be Green) writes about how cycling can help with many of the common complaints of pregnancy and how to set your bike up to accommodate a bump)

US based author Marion Rice highlights some useful tips for mums-to-be considering whether they should continue to cycle during pregnancy

Cathy Bussey writes about how it’s fine to choose not to cycle when pregnant, and has advice on other ways to keep fit while you’re not in the saddle, over at Total Women’s Cycling

Finally, Cathy Bussey writes (again for Total Women’s Cycling) about what to expect when you return to cycling after child birth

I enjoyed reading all of them, many are from the UK and as I have also already experience (in small quantities though, thankfully – but then again my bump isn’t obvious yet at 19wks pregnant) they do mention the negative perception received of cycling when pregnant here, compared to how normal it is for Dutch and Danish fellow mums-to-be cyclists!

I have been getting the odd comment and question “how long are you going to continue cycling?” with a disapproving look, to which I reply with a big smile “for as long as it will feel good and healthy and with the support of my doc and midwife”.

Usually comments like this come from those who are non-cyclists and see it as a dangerous endeavour. But it’s not more dangerous (on the contrary in depth statistic research and studies show how cycling is one of the safest mode of transport) than driving, walking, crossing the road etc.

The couple of times I came close to tripping and falling (I didn’t, don’t gasp) was due to uneven pavement flags while walking. Now, should I stop walking?

I quote and wholeheartedly agree with Victoria Hazael, who writes in her article “Cycling with a bump – is it safe to ride whilst pregnant?” on CTC:

Most people don’t realise that the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks by as much as 20:1 and that sitting at home on the sofa all day long is actually more dangerous!

I have been a regular, everyday transport cyclist for nearly 6 years. I love cycling, I own three bikes (I’d own more if I could justify them and have the space!) and cycling while pregnant makes me feel good, happy and active. With the support of my doctor and midwife I have nothing to worry about and I am always constantly checking how I feel, if I don’t feel like cycling one day I happily take the bus or the train. I wouldn’t recommend to a mum-to-be to pick cycling as a regular transport/commute activity if she’s never done it before (even though cycling in the park is always a good start for everyone!) but if it’s your regular form of exercise and your medical carer say it’s OK, then why not.

I am no runner, I would not like to start running now with a bump. But for example I have a dear friend who is a keen runner and she’s continued running through her pregnancy till it felt good to her and her pregnant body 🙂

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