Summer daylight

Since the clock have gone forward cycling home after work (usually 7pm for me) has turned into a blissful experience. This was my ride home on Tuesday.


As mentioned in previous posts now that I’m cycling for two I’ve been using a lot more my favourite quieter routes home, this means I get to cycle pass some lovely homes and wave hello to the Elizabeth Gaskell‘s home (currently being restored and to be soon opened to the public). This newly found appreciation for the slower way home has made me wonder and realise that in everyday circumstances I am always in a rush. Prior to being pregnant my first priority was always to get home as I quickly as I could (even though quickly for me is probably tortoise speed for roadies! As they usually overtake me in a huff), but my choice to slow down even more has made me enjoy my cycling commute ten fold.

So what if it takes me 25 minutes to cycle home simply for a 4 mile journey? The mental and health benefit surpasses the minor downsides.

If you want to see the route that I usually take from Piccadilly train station, I have mapped it on Google Maps (not a work of art by the way) and you can find it here.

My route to avoid the worse of Upper Brook Street

My route to avoid the worse of Upper Brook Street


3 responses to “Summer daylight

  1. I also commute down Plymouth Grove from the Uni. I’m not sure I’d call it quiet but it’s certainly preferable to Upper Brook Street.

    And although I’d noted the house on several occasions as I trundle past I had no idea of its history, so thank you for the heads up!

    • Hi Tim,

      Perhaps because I tend to cycle this route around 6.30am and then 7pm is rather quiet for me 😉

      Manchester is full of hidden gems!

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