Bike date


A nice stop in Debdale Park

Lately at week ends or when I happen to have a day off, husband and I take the opportunity to go for mini bike dates.

We’ve always enjoyed simple yet delightful dates like these, but now that we are expectant parents these times have become even more enjoyable and cherished.

I had a day off last week and even though a cloudy day, the warmer temperature made for a lovely ride to Gorton Reservoir and Debdale Park, down the FLoop. We live a skip & hop away from one of the entrances to the FLoop and Gorton Reservoir is a quick and enjoyable cycle to it.

Being able to enjoy a bike ride, away from traffic and at your own pace is one of life’s little pleasures, I’d say!


FLooping at wk17

I’ve started to feel subtle baby movements (known as ‘quickening’, i.e. not yet the outright kicks and punches that husband will be able to feel too in a few weeks) and I’ve noticed that baby is happily somersaulting when we are on the bike, so I’d like to think of that as a good sign for future bike rides together.

Baby bump - wk15

Oh hello bump! – wk15


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