Aaaaaand we’re back!

Well, in my last post I wrote how I hoped 2014 would rekindle me with this blog…

It didn’t happen so quickly.

But for a very good reason…

I am cycling for two!


{attending my 12wk scan by bike with my husband)

And so I’m really looking forward to returning to this blog of mine with a renewed purpose, to record and share my experience of cycling while pregnant, waiting for the arrival of my first child.

As far as I know there are no other pregnant ladies writing about their cycling experience in Manchester (if you know of others, past and current, do let me know! Also of expectant fathers! We like to include all!). So I hope to provide a different perspective on moving about on two wheels. My cycling pattern has already adjusted and changed from my cycling days for one, but I continue to love my bike, even more so now and hope to continue cycling as close as possible to my due date.

I also look forward to exchanging experiences, thoughts, questions and of course doubts. But I will not condone abusive comments, mean, nasty or judgmental ones. Constructive comments expressing views different from mine, which will enable healthy debate, will be most welcome but I do hope that if comments will come forward they will be pleasant, positive and respectful.

Now, let’s hope spring will arrive to stay! It’s been teasing us for the last few weeks.


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