Life on the saddle


This last year has been packed with work and living life to the full, which has meant very little blogging.

But we cycled through it all, the highs and lows (and there were many highs!), being happy to being on the bike(s) and going places, arriving always in one piece… touch wood.

There’s been much train&cycle commuting. We met curious people, we met happy people, we met fellow cyclists, we also met few (not many) angry people who somehow don’t like cheerful bikes and cheerful owners… ah well, you can’t win them all hey!

I hope 2014 will rekindle me with the blogging world, allowing me a bit more time to come back to this lovely place, sharing bike adventures in Manchester and beyond.

Stay safe and happy cycling!


3 responses to “Life on the saddle

  1. 🙂 happy collage!
    I know that feeling too – work and life has me behind on the blogging, but still pedalling away too. Still have to get that coffee ride sorted out! Enjoy autumn

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