Save the NHS demo. Manchester. 290913


This isn’t a cycling post, I have not had the inspiration nor the time to dedicate the attention this blog requires.

However I do want to share with you images and videos of yesterday’s march against the savage cuts by this Government.

The BBC concocted a nice little show to not cover the march (see storm on Twitter on this). But you can read more about the day on the MEN.

Demonstrations are becoming sanitised, where people are directed in a pre-set route, kept at distance from those which march is being directed at, and if anyone dares deviate from such presets they will be arrested.

Police used mobile cordons to create “peace” walls, I kid you not. They walled the city centre and kept people out of it.

Tory boys in suits do exist and their arrogance and swagger like as if they own the place are as sickening as you can imagine.

But even in such defined, preset and limited civic liberties, “ye are many, they are few”.



An example of the Police mobile cordon.

For videos see my Instagram page (can’t seem to be able to embed them here).


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