Brompton posse…

Well, as you know I have joined the Brompton posse… For parts I feel a little coy about it, because it feels a little silly yet delightful when I get imperceptible nods and hidden smiles from fellow Brompton owners whether I am out riding or waiting at a platform. My friend who owns a Mini told me of such phenomenon.

But what can I do, I have a soft spot for well made, long lasting, British built machines and Brompton is one of them*. We had to get accustomed to each other though, don’t think it was all plain sailing… oh no!

My commuting life has been made so much more enjoyable thanks to this foldy, no more ‘hate stares’ from fellow passengers, which I became accustomed to when taking the Dawes, instead amazement and curiosity, I have struck up plenty of conversations amongst the many delays of train travelling when, instead of letting the blood pressure rising, what better antidote than talking bout bikes, cycling in your everyday clothes and how to get to your office as fresh as a rose (I have been dishing out tips and advice on the joys of slow cycling left, right and centre, to my joy and surprise).

So here’s some shots of life with Brompton (I haven’t joined the posse of the iPhone, so you’ll have to do with my on-its-last-leg camera phone).

My steady steed

This is what my Mr built me, a shelf from my Brompton… his&hers

Waiting on platform 13

En route to Leeds… to the right the state-of-the-art ‘cycle rack facility’ (which only works for diamond frame bikes btw!)

*If I still lived in Italy I would be collecting well made, long lasting, Italian built machines…

6 responses to “Brompton posse…

  1. Your brompton is lovely! I really like the colour.
    I also think that one of the best things of this bike is the conversations (and also the brompton community, as you said, people that look at you like saying “I know”).
    P.S: I’m impressed with your man’s work…I will ask something similar to mine 🙂

  2. How do you keep it so clean? Even if I clean mine every weekend, the effect doesn’t usually last more than a day or so. Perhaps it’s the country lane part of my route to work.

    • I think the photos make it look cleaner than it is 😉 but then city cycling is not too bad. Must clean grease from sensitive spots though, as I marking far too many clothes for my liking…

  3. Love the his and hers shelves. Congrats on getting hitched. Hope you, your fella and your Bromptons have a lovely future together!

  4. Yesterday I took part in my first IG Nocturne. It was quite a day! I was up early and already excited at the prospect of racing a Brompton. With a good breakfast of porridge, poached eggs, a banana and lots of water I felt fuelled up. I decided to take my Raw S2L instead of my Orange M6L and I am glad that I did but more of that later. I did pay some homage to my beloved Orange Brompton with some orange accessories.

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