Good things come to those who wait…

My good friend ChesterCycling had mentioned to me a few months back that he was going to get himself a new shiny Brompton, upon hearing this I said without hesitation I’ll have your Brompton then!

MrC is a real passionate chap about bikes, he’s passionate about cycling and he’s passionate about helping turning the UK into a transport cycling nation, once more (we were doing well till the Car took over, or better highway engineers and planners handed over our cities to the Car)… I really liked the idea that his Brompton would be kept within this cycling ‘family’ of ours 😉

Brompton is one of the very few that is still built in the UK (one more reason to support them!) and they hand build each and every one of them (another good reason to support them!), the wait was long (also for MrC who I am sure was dying to get onto his new shiny B!) but boy was it worth it!

I am so chuffed to join the Brompton gang! Mainly for two reasons, one: my commute to Yorkshire will be made much more easy (no more hate stares from fellow train commuters because “I am taking up *their* space”) and most importantly because since my other half has owned a Brompton for over 7 years, we will now be able to incorporate our bikes in our holiday plans, double yay! Plus, I am looking forward to showing up to design and site meetings on Brompton and take them all by surprise! Bypass all those daft conversations about who owns the biggest, most expensive cars (yes, the construction industry still rolls like this!).

And then, to top it all off, I took part in a great initiative by Northern Comfort Visual (a super young photography studio, they only started it 10 days ago!) of a marathon cycle photoshoot (12 hours!) to celebrate MCR cyclists called “Me & My Bike“.

I got a super duper portrait and I got to meet some pretty great people too!

So yes, good things come to those who wait, indeed…

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