Guest post (Part 1): Georgie of Pennine Peddling

This cycling community of ours is pretty special.

Another friend I have met thanks to this blog and bikes is Georgie, blogger of Pennine Peddling.

While my blog is certainly urban in nature, Georgie’s is steeped in rolling hills and lush vegetation… I really love reading her blog and take in all the wonderful sceneries of this region of ours.

I wished I could have joined her for the 100 this September but I hope to join her in future rides. In the meantime, following her suggestion, I hope to go up to Preston for the Preston Guild on the 19th of August and have the chance to say hello. [We are looking to organise Wheelers’ Brunch to coincide with the Preston Guild, let us know if you want to join us!]

I asked Georgie if she’d have liked to write a blog post and I got two! Double lucky.

So, here’s Part 1, a little bit about her and how she got into cycling.


I cycled lots growing up on an inherited sturmey archer 3 speed & always wondered why my best friend made it up the hills I ended up walking up… At that age I didnt know all about hills & gears.

Like many of my friends, cycling vanished into the past & I didn’t get a bike as an adult until three & a half years ago- the main reason being the increasing price of petrol. I started commuting 6 miles most days and on summer evenings I would cycle down along The River Calder for fun. Then my work relocated to another East Lancs town and my commute was up to a 14 mile round trip. I wasn’t quite as dedicated at this as the move co-incided with winter arriving.

The next spring I braved joining The Rough Stuff Fellowship on a ride after consulting with the ride leader to check both my bike and myself would be up to it. I was worried that I’d hold everyone back, but I spent most of the ride at the front and after 25 miles of tough off roading, I felt a great sense of pride at my achievement. I joined the club that very week. Since then I have caught the cycling bug. I bought a vintage mixte road bike that whips along with no effort. We did the Manchester to Blackpool night ride together in four hours. This year we hope to do the Manchester 100.

Last year I started going out with a wonderful guy from work and we have cycling adventures most weekends. We hired a tandem in May for the annual Isle Of Wight Randonnee – our first time out on a tandem and we put 70 miles under our belt.  Now if only I had a garage to store one, my 20 mile round commute (my office moved again this year) would be by tandem!! I love cycling, but what I love even more is sharing the rides with good company.


Thanks Georgie!

Keep an eye out for Part 2, when Georgie writes about discovering the North West on two wheels and some of her favourite rides.


4 responses to “Guest post (Part 1): Georgie of Pennine Peddling

    • Fingers crossed that we will get one sorted out and start doing that soon. We got so many lovely compliments riding the tandem on holiday. Hopefully riding it to work would put a smile on the faces of those surly car commuters to remind them how much fun riding a bike is!

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