Life is short… live your life!

My take on this pretty awesome video by American young designers Holstee.

Found via the wonderful ladies of Change Your Life Ride A Bike.

I don’t know, it’s corny and I bet I am going to get some sarcastic comments on this, but my bike is my freedom and to me it also marked some pretty big lifestyle changes. So there, enjoy!

*and* Happy Friday!


4 responses to “Life is short… live your life!

  1. its great! gets the heart beat faster of the thought what can be,oh yeh and reminds me of a very dear friend 🙂

  2. Aww everyone always looks so effortlessly cool in videos like this, cruising down a bike path to hang out at the harbour just in time for the sunset… A great video though! I’d love to see a UK version.

  3. I just started commuting by bike as often as I can. I love it. It is freedom. I don’t feel pressured to get anywhere fast. Nice to slow down and enjoy.

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