BMX Centre + a little explore

Two week ends ago, on a crisp sunny day we decided to make the most of the sunshine. So we hopped on our bikes for a little explore along the FLoop, heading East.

We stopped at the Gorton Reservoir, which I just love, we then left the FLoop (as such) and still traffic-free (but not broken-glass-free unfortunately) we headed towards the Ashton Canal.

Once there we though to go and check out the new (well, not so new, but new to us) BMX Centre, which is right next door (and connected to) the Velodrome.

We had a brilliant time! At the BMX Centre there was some national competition going on with kids as young as 5! We had a hotdog, we watched some brilliant young riders, laughed (sorry!) at some seriously scarily competitive parents shouting like crazy , we then had a wonder in the Velodrome and watched people training on the steep banks. I just love the architecture and engineering of the velodrome, it’s one of the best structures ever, so flippin’ clever! And did I say, all this for £5 each!

Anyhow, over to pictures, much more interesting than words, right?!

Gorton Reservoir

Stopping to admire the view and refuel with a banana (indeed)

On our way to the Ashton Canal, another former section of the Canal now filled in

The Ashton Canal

The amazing BMX Centre

A simple but great connection with neighbouring terrace housing, such a contrast in scale.


4 responses to “BMX Centre + a little explore

  1. Wow – BMX centre! I’m going to take the kids for a visit, that does look good.

    We had a local BMX track in the ’80s, alas overgrown & neglected now. It fell out of fashion when Mtb’s took off.

  2. You should try out Strider Cup racing at We are putting free racing on for 2- 5yrs inclusive on Strider balance bikes. Registration open now!

  3. Cycled past Gorton and along the path to the Ashton Canal on a number of occasions, its one of my favourite rides around Manchester, the route I take can be viewed on Cycle Route. Good blog

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