Cycling friends >> Wheelers’ Brunch

Saturday was a delightful day. Not only it was sunny with that beautiful crisp wintry air, but I also had the loveliest of time at Wheelers’ Brunch with RuthThibault and Rob. It may have been just the four of us, but the conversation couldn’t have been more interesting, entertaining and fun as we put the {cycling} world to right while we enjoyed a fuelling lunch/brunch at the Deaf Institute.

My eggs benedict kept me going all afternoon, and the english breakfasts looked fantastic too. Rob put us all to shame by going healthy with a big plate of falafel… but then he evened it out by savouring a rather tasty ale (Thibault joined him too). Here’s the proof of said ale {apologies for lack of photographic evidence, but when I enjoy the conversation that much I forget about the camera}

The ride home was just as delightful, especially when you match the cheery weather with a pair of mustard tights. But of course!


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