Cycling Embassy of Great Britain Policy Bash

Awfully late (blame the thesis), but never too late (so I think), I just wanted to alert you fellow cyclists, to this week end CEoGB Policy Bash.

‘Ambassadors’ (minus the Ferrero Rochers) from all over Britain are congregating in London this week end to ‘bash out’ as much as time allows, ideas and debates about cycling infrastructure and what that should be here in the UK, of course always looking at already successful infrastructure models from our European cousins and over the pond too (think Portland and to be honest Chicago is truly getting its act together too!).

I have been assured ūüėČ a live Twitter feed…¬†follow the hashtag #CEoGBBash (you can write it all in small letters too, don’t matter).

In the meantime, don’t forget it’s Wheelers’ Brunch today here in Manchester! We are meeting at the Deaf Institute at 12pm and since Grosvernor Street has the only little bit of decent infrastructure (contraflow), in spirit of the #CEoGBBash,¬†we can have a poke at its quality, strengths and weaknesses.

And did I say? It’s sunny!!!!! So you have NO excuses not to join us for brunch!


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