Farewell 2011… Hello 2012!

I don’t know where this year has gone, it seems yesterday to me that we were raising our glasses to 2011!

Yet, another 12 months have come and gone, bringing a fair bit of adventures and good memories. A year of historical tumult across the whole world, which will be hard to forget.

But I can’t hide my personal excitement for the year ahead, I have never worked so hard (but with so much passion) in my entire life as in the year of 2011, and this will continue in 2012 but I can already see the benefits and rewards.

Cycling wise, I have been pleased with the initial contact with TfGM that as GMCC I have made, together with other members, and I hope to be more involved also with Love Your Bike too as they do amazing work and they are a really nice bunch of people you know?! ; )

I was toying with the idea to train for the Manchester 100, but it falls too close to a rather important date for me… so I am going to look for another cycling ride (if anyone is taking part in anything, do let me know!).

I am also looking forward to plan and try my hand at cycle touring, starting small.

In the meantime I say farewell to 2011 in my usual cycling year retrospect of pictures… mostly panda shots – I had to include my beautiful motherland sea – and some original shots from Manchester Cycle Chic (which we need more photos/volunteers for!! So don’t be shy!).

!!I wish you all a wonderful, successful and adventurous 2012!!


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