Pisa [& cyclists]

Although I am late for wishing you all Merry Christmas, I am still on time for “Happy New Year” greetings… better than a poke in the eye as my gran would always say (in Italian of course).

Talking of Italy, I am back after some lovely festivities with my famiglia back home. I can vouch that a merry time was had by all.

We even indulged in a spot of touristy travelling… by visiting Pisa for the day.

Does it lean?????? You ask…

Just a bit! 😉

I could show lots of pretty pictures, close up of the tower… but you know… this is a cycling blog after all…

And guess what I found!

Lots and lots of cyclists!!!!! I would have never had thought 😉 A delightful surprise.

{last minute Christmas shopping}

{bridge crossing}

Old bikes and new bikes.

Young and old cyclists.

{due chiacchere tra amiche – underneath Garibaldi}

{us tourists must be quite a spectacle}

All looking very relaxed and at ‘home’ on their bikes.

{ready for deliveries!}

{heading home for lunch – quite possibly}

Dedicated cycling infrastructure? Nope! None at all… Amazing uh?! But what Pisa has it’s an extensive pedestrianised city/town centre. I also got the feeling that everyone cycles, whether on a bike on that day or in a car… and that, makes all the difference!


However the britishness in me was [pleasantly] surprised at the sight of so many bikes and so little specific infrastructure… and yes… few times my heart did stop as I thought a few crashes would unravel before my eyes, but silly me… of course, they all seem to rather fit in this chaotic at times but equally chilled out and charming, chic city.

{ahhhhhh! The Italian lady, who has now been living a long time in England, was heard screaming}


6 responses to “Pisa [& cyclists]

  1. Hello.

    Have followed your blog for a while as I’m really into Manchester and really into cycling as a way of getting around (currently taking the plunge and selling the car). Anyway, didn’t realise you were Tuscan (?). My family is from Barga (LU) and I teach Italian. Pics of Pisa we’re a wee surprise…

    Piccolo mondo !

    Auguri e buon anno.

    • Ciao David.

      I am actually from Lazio. We have travelled around a fair bit. My family home is now in ‘alto Lazio’, near Lago di Bolsena. It’s easy enough for us to visit Tuscany and Umbria for day trips as we are more or less on the border with them both.

      Originally I am from Lake Bracciano, but grew up on the coast and had my education in Rome before moving to Manchester many moons ago : )

      My other family home is in Vicenza, near Venice, while my maternal relatives are all in Milan… a good mix indeed.

      La provincia di Lucca e` bellissima! Un piccolo mondo davvero : )

  2. Always enjoy reading your blog! So positive and so different a view on cycling! Lovely to see pictures of a beautiful city too, look forward to many more.

  3. Very nice!! I’m always surprised with this italian way to live the city. There’s no infrastructure but it’s still possible to coexist 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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