Cycle Touring Primer – a guide


December is proving more busy than I thought… juggling so many things, being more successful at some than other. Anyhow, it’s 6 days to go to Christmas! So all is good, really.

Right, now… These last two months have been pretty amazing. Amongst the chaos of juggling writing my thesis, which it’s due in end of Jan, and pushing my own work forward I have been really blessed with some great stuff!

As well as being the receiver of the best competition prize ever, thanks to CEoGB, I also received the best touring guide ever! Which also came as a big surprise!

Urban Adventure League (go check out his blog!) kindly contacted me, after I mentioned in a post that I am hoping to try more cycle touring (mini trips) next year with my Mr, saying he would give me a copy of his touring guide. Naive me I thought he was going to send me a PDF of it, but instead I received the most delightful parcel all the way from Portland, USA!

I am so impressed by his talent and kindness in sending it to me. Beautifully put together and illustrated, I also received two badges, which I was going to put on my panniers but they are too pretty to risk getting into someone else’s pocket, so they’ll be staying put, being shown off on one of my jackets.

All art copyright (c)urbanadventureleague

I really look forward to trying my hand at cycle touring, starting small. The guide is perfect in these dreary wintry days… perfect to dream of sunshine and cycle rides for the summer to come!

Thanks again Shawn! I will sure share on this blog any touring adventures I get to do, come 2012.


4 responses to “Cycle Touring Primer – a guide

  1. Thanks for the write-up! You are making me blush! 🙂

    And I’ll point this out for those of you outside the US and Canada who would like to get your hands on a copy of my CYCLE TOURING PRIMER: I am having a giveaway right now! All you have to do to get a copy is be from outside the US/Canada and have interest in bicycle touring. Email me at urbanadventureleague ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com and please include your mailing address. I will indeed send to anywhere in the world! There are only three spots left on the giveaway so act now!

    And if you feel like buying one, check out the “Store” on my website.

  2. Awwwwww y’beat me to it LC!

    Ditto on recommending a copy to anyone – I’ll still post a review Shawn – have a couple of other angles to add :>)

    Roll on some of that ‘nights under canvas’ weather for us less artic-minded souls…

    • Hey how appropriate you’ve got a copy too! Considering that me wanting to try week-end touring adventures has grown since reading your cycling trips on canals & overnight camping! 😀 Look forward to your post.

  3. I’m also planning bike trips for next year…I wanted to discover several Europe contries this year but there’s no money 🙂

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