Velo Fare

Miss Sarah of Girls and Bicycles and her friend Leanne have completed a great project – Velo Fare – combining their love for bicycles and food!

A delicious cookbook with lots of great recipes, all ingredients easily bought and carried home by bike!

They’re kindly providing a downloadable PDF version. Or if you want you can order your very own hardbound copy from Lulu.


5 responses to “Velo Fare

  1. Funny uh? “Courgette” here from the french term and “Zucchini(s)” in America from the italian term (albeit in italian is Le Zucchine, for plural, but we’ll let them off on this one eheh!)

    Enjoy Unicorn. There’s one tiny organic, locally sourced veg shop here in Levenshulme, which I like very much.

  2. Thank you! This is the perfect stocking stuffer gift for my girlfriend. She loves cooking and local food, her main xmas gift is a vintage lady bike I have been secretly restoring for months.

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