The loveliest of encounters

Yesterday on my way to Kindling I stopped in Didsbury.

When I went to unlock my bike a lovely gentleman was unlocking his bike, a fiery red 5speed Peugeot. I could not help saying hello and complementing what a beautiful bike that was.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple ‘hello’.

I had the loveliest of encounters.

This fine gent told me that his old bike was falling apart and that a year and half ago he went past Tony’s shop and saw the bike. He stopped, went in and Tony, the nice chap that he is, gave him a good price “As I am on old pensioner y’know?!” he proudly said to me 🙂

I remarked how great it was to meet him and his bike, and asked whether he cycles everyday. He said:

“Oh yes! I am going to be 76 next June, if I still cycle then… there’s no excuse (not to)!”

He made my day! I never get to strike up such lovely conversations through other means of transport 🙂


9 responses to “The loveliest of encounters

    • eheh! I have, rarely though, had nice conversations with elderly ladies at bus stops, especially in Cheadle (a really friendly place I tell you!) but just not as many and as diverse when I am out and about with the bike!

    • Hey Nuresma! Yes, chats like this remind me that it takes a second to say ‘hello’ and the world is the nicer for it : )

  1. Wonderful .. ‘bicycling connection(s)’ and ‘Active aging’ ! Bonus and benefits a bicycle could offer to enrich our lives.
    Tony , God bless you, dear!

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