Different bikes, different rides…

Would you think this is the same person?

Sometimes even I wouldn’t!

When I got Vita, my beautiful Pashley, I thought one bike would have been enough… but it wasn’t long till I caught the cycling bug and wanted to add to my two wheel family. Barolo, my Dawes tourer, came along and I entered the +1 bike gang!

Two different bikes, two totally different rides.

I hop on Vita and I wear my best clothes, I take my time, my heart rate slows down (in a good way), drivers’ ignorance doesn’t really bother me… I just ring my delightful bell and I continue on. I do feel very ladylike even if I am wearing jeans and trainers.

I hop on Barolo and I get that child-like adrenaline rush! She’s fast and smooth, I just push a little harder on the pedals and she’s so responsive. I take a more aggressive riding position (aggressive as in I push myself more, not towards others!), I feel my heart pumping and I feel really alive!

It’s great! I have always had an interest in cars, I like the engineering & mechanics of it – but not the damage they cause to the environment, hence why I don’t own one anymore – but I never got the enjoyment nor the satisfaction of driving a car like I do of riding my bikes, especially Barolo. You know those car adverts that tantalise you about feeling ‘connected’ behind the wheels of x,y and z? I tell you it’s lie, you get that feeling honestly when you find your perfect bike and you ride in synchrony. That is a beautiful feeling!


9 responses to “Different bikes, different rides…

  1. Welcome to the two-bike club! I bought a fast road bike on the bike to work scheme, but then felt so guilty about my old Claude Butler that I had it powdercoated, got some new bits, and a new lease of life. It’s now my winter and all-purpose commuter and my favourite by a long way.
    Keep up your lovely blog, and please take a look at mine (Just down the road in Cheshire) at http://rideaday.wordpress.com/

  2. I think it’s great to have two bikes that are night and day. I have an old Raleigh 3-speed, which I also tend to wear “nicer” clothes on and not feel like pushing myself. On my Long Haul Trucker I tend to use it as my “fast” bike and my long ride bike. And of course for touring!

    Have you used your Dawes touring bike for tours yet and/or are you planning on doing any tours?

      • Well, if you would like a little inspiration and the like, I’d be happy to send you a copy of my “Cycle Touring Primer” if you’d like. I would just need to know where to send it. You can email me at urbanadventureleague –( at )– gmail –( dot )– com

  3. Ditto for me too. My Dawes discovery for the fast commute but have clip in shoes and tend to wear day glow clothes and helmet. On the other hand, my Pashley Guv’nor is gentleman’s attire (well normal clothes at least) and a far more relaxed attitude all round. This is the beauty of bikes – they are cheap and small enough to have one for each occasion.

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