Fine cyclists over the week end

Last Saturday saw a feast of cycling goodness with Wheelers’ Brunch followed by the TweedRide.

It was a great occasion to meet lots of other enthusiasts of transport cycling, wearing some rather fine clothes and riding some beautiful bikes (we saw plenty of roadsters, to MrC‘s delight)! Not to mention some super duper moustaches 🙂

Here’s some mementos of the day.


7 responses to “Fine cyclists over the week end

  1. Wonderful stuff – we were very impressed with the turnout, and the standard of get-ups was just fantastic! So great to meet such a lovely bunch of people too! Planning another town ride for after Christmas; may do a mudguards trip to Cheshire beforehand – we’ll keep you posted!
    xClare Tweed Ride

  2. There’s something about this ride which reminds me of early cycling which was the popular only with the well off.

    Many cycling blogs seem be by affluent people, or young educated people who will become affluent in due course.

    Could it be that cycling is naturally something that only affluent people do, with the mid 20th century working class cycling boom being only a temporary phenomeneon before cars became affordable for them?

  3. Ah, looks like a lovely ride! This is getting me excited for the Portland ride, which is usually in early spring.

    ed, it’s called “dress up”. It’s a themed ride. As for “bicycling being something only the affluent do”, I see plenty of people around town here (Portland, Oregon, USA) that are definitely not part of the 1%. Cycling is done by ALL walks of life. The whole “cycling is only for rich/poor people” is something that gets bandied about from time to time (generally by conservatives) but it rings hollow.

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