Wishing you a cyclelicious week end!

As we say goodbye to British English Summer time, here in Manchester we look forward to a week end full of cycling goodness.

The week end has begun with a special Halloween Critical Mass and tomorrow sees Wheelers’ Brunch teaming up with TweedRide. Weather forecast tells us ‘light rain’… I doubt that will stop a fine showcase of cycling dapperness! I always think that feeling good and looking good while cycling help you coping with potholes, cracks and overall lack of cycling infrastructure.

On the latter, there was a great tweet today from @quaintliving:

Having one of those days as a cyclist when you just feel utterly gloomy at the lack of provision. No wonder so many people can’t be arsed.

But, moving on, keeping on the positives… although clashing, tomorrow afternoon between 1pm and 4pm PedalMCR has organised a treasure hunt on bikes! For more info visit their facebook page.

My week end has started great! Featured in Velo Vogue, my rainy panda still puts a smile on my face!


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