The kind of infrastructure that I’d like to see in Manchester!

Phewww! That was a catchy title uh?!

But you know, worth it. As Marc of Amsterdamize has put together a great video “Cycling for Everyone” that I think all our local authorities should watch!

I wish this to be the kind of infrastructure that our local authorities would want to work towards, to bid for funds to develop, to write policies to support.

I wonder how great it would be if we all emailed, individually, a link of this video, to our Council cycling contacts?

For example filling up the inbox of Mr West, who is the “Sustainable Travel and Smarter Choices” at together with Manchester cycle forum at not forgetting Transport for Greater Manchester, because the bike is transport! Email contact is: These email addresses are all publicly available here and here.

Something along the lines of:

“Dear xxxxxx,

I came across this fantastic video about the amazing cycling infrastructure that is present in the Netherlands. This is the kind of infrastructure that I would love to see being developed in Manchester (or city/town where you live). Don’t you?”

A polite, upbeat message… why not? It may even brighten up the recipient’s day, as much as it did brighten up mine!


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