Rain, rain, and more rain.

I don’t think we have seen a bit of blue sky for at least 5 days… but shhhh… tonight I could see the clouds clearing a bit. Fingers crossed!

I must admit that on Monday I ducked out of cycling, opting for the train instead. Gusty winds had picked up enough to put me off. I mentioned in the past how the combination of strong winds + aggressive drivers aren’t to my taste.

Yesterday I was cooped up indoor all day, stuck in front of the computer…. ummmm nice!

Today I went to Hulme for a great meeting with the Kindling Trust. I am looking forward to becoming more involved with some fantastic projects they are running! If you don’t know about the Kindling Trust, I’d highly recommend you visit their website.

I left the house thinking… oh it’s just drizzle, my waterproof jacket will do just fine… half way there I was pretty wet but  carried on anyway (amazing how after a bit you don’t actually mind being rained on)… but at least I had the good sense of wearing clothes that would dry quickly.

I got there thoroughly soaked! It was indeed like being in a fine, constant mist shower. But I was offered a delicious coffee and within few minutes I was fine, by the time I left I was dry again.

What was I wearing? No specialised clothing, quite the opposite…

My trusty black boots, my red polka dot dress, which brightens up any grey day, and my old waterproof jacket that is still going strong 😉

Now, if Manchester wasn’t such a windy city, I may even had a go at holding an umbrella… but it will take me time to master the fine art like the Dutch cyclists!



15 responses to “Rain, rain, and more rain.

  1. you make it sound like we Dutch don’t have to deal with wind…think again 🙂

    Kudos on the rainy ride, not a big deal huh? “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Personally, I think this line is better suited: If you can walk in it, you can cycle in it.

    Cheers & keep it up,

    • Hi Marc, no I only meant that learning a new skill like holding an umbrella when cycling amidst wind is not an easy task… not to mention while cycling on non-existing cycling infrastructure, I am sure you heard it all from Jim, Sally & Co during the CEoGB Dutch visit 🙂 [which I was very jealous of!]

      Indeed, first thing I was taught by my school friends when I moved here was that rain is just ‘mild precipitation’…

  2. This fine drizzle has just pushed itself through my ‘wet weather proof’ jacket.
    So this evening has been part spent on re waterproofing it.
    It won’t rain for a week now!

    • I’ve been stopping and starting non-stop lately taking off or putting on extra layers, as this weather still hasn’t worked out what it wants to do! ;>)

  3. I’ve just gone the other way and dragged the lycra out for winter, poor drying facilities at work & I have to change anyway so my soggy jaunt from Oldham isn’t too bad going home again. Rain is just part of cycling’s charm, I’d rather be in a downpour than a traffic jam.

    • Few days ago it chucked it down and I foolishly thought taking the bus would have been an easier option! You’re right, better a downpour than stuck in traffic!

  4. I quite like cycling in the rain. You can only get 100% wet and then the rain doesn’t matter any more, so then I carry on, regardless. This attitude doesn’t do much for decent clothes though, so I keep wearing my specially bought cycling clothes and change at either end of the commute. I love the idea of cycling with style, but I just can’t stop pushing myself ever harder and the resulting mess that my clothes become …… means that the nearest I ever come to elegant cycling is reading this blog. Keep showing me how it should be done LC, and I’ll love you all the more for it!

  5. I love cycling in the rain when it isn’t cold, and it isn’t cold yet.

    I’m still in my shorts.

    And Manchester isn’t really that windy. And it is flat.

    • Ohhhh Manchester is windy! Surely! ;>) But yes, it’s very flat, that’s why I like cycling everyday, on a heavy Pashley… no hills to contend with.

  6. Love these happy panda shots! They make rain riding look fun. It’s been raining a lot the past couple of days in Chicago, along with high winds and waves on the lakefront. I hope the sunny blue skies of autumn return before the descent into winter!

    • Hi Dottie! Rain isn’t so bad, when it gets colder and it turns into icy rain then I may say otherwise ;>) but for the time being I am cool with rain… plus you kind of have to in such rainy city!

  7. I feel this post, as Portland is starting its rainy season. But it is true as stated above, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Most “wet” days I manage to get by without raingear.

    Now wet leaves on the road, that’s another matter!

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