Matching Autumn

Despite the wetness of this September (although watch out for a mini Indian summer next week!), cycling has been delightful this month.

Temperatures still mild, but the air crispy enough to require one extra layer. And the air smells definitely different, I like that a lot. Plus, we’ve been collecting conkers and playing to our heart’s content, which you can only do this time of year! So got to make the most of it 😉 (why is this in a cycle blog? Because out and about with my bike I have been stopping every time I spot a nice horse chestnut tree. Not so easy to do if I was in car… And yes, I know, I collect conkers at the age of 29… surely we’ll always be doing that even when we’ll be 89?!).

And so, as you physically experience your surroundings when you cycle, compared to being isolated from it in a car, bus or train, you find yourself (or is it just me?) matching your clothes to the season! So much so that I have been wearing a lot of browns, yellows and reds!

Not to mention that when sometimes the sun says hello, it’s warm enough to even ditch the jacket and ride with just a top. You can’t help smiling when that happens you know?! Rather than making moody or grumpy, cycling in the changing weather has made me appreciate every single ray of sunshine that may care to say hello.

Oh, and about smiling… the power of smile when cycling is highly underrated, there’s definitely a post coming up for that. Mind you I do look rather serious in this photo… the self-conscious thing of taking pictures of myself has not dwindled yet, I am working on it 😉


7 responses to “Matching Autumn

    • Yes, heard about it on the BBC news. I have been carefully checking the ones near where we live. Haven’t seen anything worrying to report. Fingers crossed.

  1. So pretty! I definitely get the urge to match myself to the seasons. In the spring I want to wear a lot of pinks and yellows, now I’m all about browns and creams. 🙂

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