Sunshine… or the lack of

Ian of LazyBicycleBlog kindly posted this bright and uplifting video from Vimeo by Fernando Augusto.

How great to know there’s a sister Cycle Brunch in sunny Portugal! My comment to Ian was “Where do we reserve some sunshine?”

Well, sunshine must be rather shy when it comes to Manchester as we see little of it. But the upside is that you definitely learn to enjoy it when it’s out (and that’s why it drives me crackers of what poky windows we design in newbuilt homes, but that’s a rant for another  time).

And talking about sunshine or the lack of it, Manchester has been experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Katia, which were strong enough to make me switch to public transport. As much as I am happy to cope with wind, I am not happy at all to cope with bad drivers who feel no different inside their tin cans and still drive so close to you while the wind tries so hard to push you onto them!


So I am very very happy to welcome back my lovely Mancunian rain. At least I know how to deal with that!


6 responses to “Sunshine… or the lack of

  1. I made the mistake of trying to cycle yesterday… on my Pashley with the big front basket. I can say for sure you made the right decision to use public transport. It was some of the hardest riding and on more than a few occasions I felt my front wheel (and in fact the whole bike) being pushed out from under me.

  2. I was out cycling yesterday afternoon and set off from south Manchester in bright sunshine. On my way back through Knutsford the ‘hurricane’ arrived and all of a sudden it was raining very heavily, the sky was black and trees were bent over in the wind.

    I stayed in a bus shelter for about 10 mins and the hurricane passed. I set off again under a cloudy sky but by the time I got back to Manchester half an hour later the sky was blue and the sun was out.

  3. Eehh. Ya all need to toughen up a bit. I was stationery at some traffic lights waiting to turn right in Cheetham Hill and actually got blown sideways down a side street about 200m, under an oncoming BMW 320i (in black with full pimping kit and playing the latest Gangsta). DId it bother me? Nah, not at all. I disentangled myself from said Gangsta’s exhaust pipe, dusted myself off, stemmed the arterial blood loss, apologised to him and his crew for causing a couple of minutes delay and then carried on my way before they could check for damage. If ya cannae take a bit of weather don’t ride a bike at all is what I say!

  4. Darrell – you need a shrink for that vivid imagination LOL ;>D

    I managed a short ride yesterday LC – towards Hyde riding into a headwind I actually ‘had to pedal’ the Wimmins bike downhill & that bike weighs a ton…yes pedal the damn thing…it usually needs nothing like on a downward slope!!!

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