“A summer bike ride”

Miss Sarah of Girls and Bicycles has put together another delightful lil’ video with her friend Raffaella.

You tell me if this doesn’t make you want to get on a bicycle and go and experience some freedom! There’s something I love about cycling more than anything else, and it’s the repetitive motion of seeing and feeling your knees going up and down with every pedal revolution. Feeling your body at work and in motion will never be surpassed even by the fastest, sexiest car 😉

Pure cycling joy this video is, and that sunshine! It seems a thing of the past here in Manchester, where it feels we’ve gone straight into winter! Where has my beloved autumn gone?

Anyway, I digress… go and enjoy your bike!


2 responses to ““A summer bike ride”

  1. My last ride on Monday evening was beautiful and sunny, and once I was out of Manchester the autumn colours were there for all to see, especially in Tatton Park.

    It’s a bit late for this year but Tatton Park is a great place for cycling between 6pm when they shut the main gates and 7pm when the small gates for walkers and cyclists close.

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