Back from a fantastic as well as relaxing week in Northumberland, exploring its coastal scenery, new to me.

Bowled over by the majestic skies, which have reminded me of the smallness of our existence (in a positive way!).

I am incredibly excited that we find ourselves once again at the beginning of my favourite month: September! Together with October, it’s the month that I cherish the most, thanks to its beautiful light, crisp air, warm colours of falling leaves and the strong sense that a new year is beginning. January has never excited me quite as September does.

Lots of new projects on the horizon, feel reenergised and raring to go!


12 responses to “Back…

    • We did indeed 🙂 But no bikes though… hopefully a cycling holiday next time (although cycling on the B roads isn’t really appealing).

  1. I love September and October. My cycling is less sweaty and the colours of the leaves are stunning.

    As for a ‘strong sense that a new year is beginning’ I’m a traditionalist and January is the new year for me even though I’m employed in the education industry.

    Your pics of Nothumberland are superb. I was last there on the weekend of Paul Dickov’s sensational goal for City in 1999. I can’t believe 12 years have slipped by so fast.

    • Hi Ed! Although I am soon leaving behind my 20s, I have never moved too far away from education/academia, and so the September ‘fresh start’ always remained in me. Perhaps also because it’s in September, throughout my life, that I always saw changes, started a new challenge, a new ‘chapter’… 😉

  2. I totally agree. I too love the ‘new school’ feeling of September. Is it wrong that I even like the first time you step outside and think ‘yes I do need a jacket’ today. But I also love the first day of spring when you step out and think ‘wow, I don’t need my jacket anymore’. I think its the sense of change I like.
    Your pictures of your Pashley ‘in the seasons’ are good too. I might start my own if I can find a nice enough spot for repeat pictures – not so many vistas like that in the city centre. (nb: I think you’ve skipped a year with your labels)

    • Hey Jenny! The reason why I skipped one season is that, in the park at least, it seemed to have skipped spring in a recognisable form (I missed the cherry blossom week in another park)… with that cold May we had, the park seemed to have gone straight from winter to summer 😉

  3. Yes it has been a strange weather year. Already all my parents’ plums and apples are over-ripe. Which is early. I meant you’d put 2012 as the year, but I’ve just checked back and it clearly says 2011. So I think I might be going crazy!!

    • Ahah, not you’re not going crazy, after your comment I clicked on that tab and saw 2012 (!) Definitely remember writing 2011 first time round… I think I am the one going mad 😉 So I just corrected it (sorry I thought you meant I had skipped a photo of Spring).

  4. Gorgeous! Northumberland sounds like something from Jane Austen novels (right?) so it’s funny to hear that it’s a real place people can visit now. 🙂 I’m a silly American, I know.

    September and October are my favorite months, too (followed by November and December, but I’m not a fan of January and February – holidays are over and the cold goes on too long).

    • That’s so sweet actually 😉 I believe Jane Austin’s novels are mostly all set in the South of England, the Brontë sisters instead lived in Yorkshire so the settings of their novels are closer to a Northumberland landscape, although still different… English counties are quite beautiful as they do feel and look different from each other (especially up here in the North). x

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