Choose Bike…

I came across this video via MissSarah and it made me smile.

It may be an advert, but I like its message.

Choose.Bike.Be Happy

Even on a rainy day (and don’t we Mancunians know about rain uh?!) I love going places by bike. I wouldn’t swap back to my driving days. The more I become involved with our Manchester (and Greater Manchester) cycling community the more I bump into friends while cycling, we ride together, we exchange a quick hello. I feel happier and less stressed than those old days stuck in a car. Especially with short city trips, giving cycling a go for transportation is also fun, even despite the extra care and attention you need to have towards other road users (mind you shouldn’t the drivers be the ones most attentive? As they cause the most damage to others?).

I wish and hope that TfGM will come round to the idea of transport/utility cycling this way. A very natural way to go places, that don’t require specialist clothing, nor the need to sweat buckets, nor the need to hate or compete with drivers.

Now, for that we also do need high quality cycling infrastructure… but that, my friends, is an ongoing battle work… for which I like to see my glass as half-full. I am creative problem-solver by trade… I refuse to be knocked down by others’ inability to see a better way, and so I continue in my path. You will see more on me, for example, involved in Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign. If you would like an alternative, viable option to driving, then do get involve. The more the merrier, right?! Right!


One response to “Choose Bike…

  1. I don’t think the state is serious about reducing motor traffic for congestion, environmental or other reasons.

    Until the early 1990s my mother was a district nurse in south Manchester. She travelled from house to house by bike.

    My niece now does the same job. She does it by car, but the really disturbing thing is that she says that the money she is paid by the NHS to run her car is so generous she regards it as a major boost to her wages which she uses to subsidise her private travel.

    For all the government’s talk about encouraging cycling and use of public transport it seems that the government’s own employees are still making good money from using cars.

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