Coming up for air…

A brief post to share with you some up and coming events that involve bikes!

Saturday the 6th – at MOSI: Retro Bicycle Picnic! From 12pm till 3pm FREE

Fancy taking your bicycle on a nostalgic trip into the past, way before lycra, when cycling gentlemen wore tweeds and ladies bicycled in long skirts?

Arrive by vintage or new bicycle to MOSI’s annual transport festival, dress stylishly and bring a picnic.

Come and see our fantastic collection of bicycles – from the uncomfortable boneshaker and penny-farthing to the latest racing bikes. You’ll also get a chance to see a display of vintage and classic cars, as well as MOSI’s permanent collection of planes, trains and automobiles. If the weather is fine we’ll picnic outside and watch the steam trains.


Sunday the 7th – Skyride – all day in Manchester City Centre

I am not sure whether I will attend. Last thing I want to do is show any support for Murdoch and his empire. However seeing thousands of Greater Manchester people cycling amongst our buildings and streets is a sight to behold.

If you go along, enjoy it! And remember you don’t have to sport that yellow corporate bib, you don’t even have to wear a helmet (unless it’s your choice) and there’s no need for any specialist cycling clothing… If you do go, I’d say go in your finest clothes, wearing your favourite shoes accessorised with a beaming smile! Who knows, I may even see you there!


Not an event but just as important if not even more, IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) are running a survey/poll on 20mph speed limits and pedestrian zones. It only takes few minutes. You can find the survey by clicking here.

Are you familiar with Home Zones? They are a very interesting concept. One UK scheme is here in Manchester, in Longsight.


The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain are running a summer poster competition!

The deadline is 31st of August

Could you encapsulate everything the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain stands for in a single striking poster? We’re looking for great images – and words – that sum up everything we’re about. There will be a range of fine prizes (still to be confirmed) but more importantly you’ll be helping to spread the word about who we are and what we’re campaigning for.

Here’s two examples by the Chair Jim and the Secretary Sally:


Last but not least, a reminder that this summer is best enjoyed by bike! Despite the odd rain showers, temperatures have been very warm, making this year one the nicest summer I’ve ever experienced! But would you really want to be stuck in a car, with your shirt sticking to your driver seat? Go and enjoy a gentle breeze as you cycle to your destination!

Right, back to work… who says August is the quietest month of the year?? It isn’t here, I tell you 😉

One response to “Coming up for air…

  1. Come to skyride LC! Mr C and I will be there around 2.30/3pm with a few people, will be nice to have more 🙂

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