MIF 2011

This year I have had the pleasure of attending a lot of what MIF (Manchester International Festival) has to offer, given that I won’t be here for this second week of events and shows.

MIF is in its third edition and is stronger than ever.

We have been able to catch the modern opera Dr Dee composed by Damon Albarn and directed by Rufus Norris, which has resulted in a fantastic collaboration. I wonder if the likes of Rossini, Puccini would have ever envisaged such evolution of the Opera. It was great and exciting to see such a diverse audience, and my favourite part was definitely the scenography and design of props, truly inventive!

We also enjoyed drinks and food in the Festival Square outside the town hall, which has created a rather festive and european feel perfect for relaxing with friends and family on comfy deck chairs and picnic tables.

I was struck, put on the spot and challenged in so many ways by the “11 Rooms” group show at the Manchester City Art Gallery. As a free event I urge everyone to go and experience it yourself. It challenges so many aspect of our culture and life, it gets your grey matter ticking nicely!

And lastly (for me), last night we cycled over to the Whitworth Art Gallery around 10pm, after grabbing a delicious feluda in Rusholme*, to experience the surreal and gosthly projects by Tony Oursler “The Influence Machine”. What can I say another fantastic (free) event that makes you see an everyday location in a complete different light (pardon the pun) and how art and sound can turn a place, which may be viewed ‘negatively’ (a park after dark), into an engaging and stimulating place, where tree trunks and canopies become projection canvases, making the viewer appreciates its surrounding in a complete new way, for me at least.

Although blurry these photos that I took convey a little the ghostliness feeling of the installation. I highly recommend the short promo video. “The influence Machine” is showing every night from 10.30pm till 11.30pm at the Whitworth Park, from Monday to Saturday till the 16th of July. Don’t miss, and I think kids will love it too!

I am sorry to miss the second week of MIF, I hope you get to enjoy it.

*If you don’t know what a feluda is, you’ve got to find out : )


2 responses to “MIF 2011

  1. These festivals are always fun. I have been to about 4-5 of these in different cities in the US. The food, especially in small stalls, is amazing. The funnest part for me is always the music and the dance.

    Glad you had fun attending at least a part of it!

    Peace 🙂

  2. I’ve enjoyed the Manchester International Festival this year. I don’t think I went to anything in 2009 but I managed to get to a few things this time, which I’ve commented on in my blog.

    I’m sorry I missed the projections at Whitworth Park. Thank you for posting the photos – it’s made me regret it even more!

    Whilst you were at the Festival Tent did you happen to notice the large screen with projections of a man in army gear? It was just opposite the tent, along a side street. If you saw it that was John Gerrard’s Infinite Freedom Exercise for MIF.

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