Thank you!

Today sees the end of my sponsorship page for the Manchester to Liverpool bike ride, which I did at the end of May to raise money for the NSPCC and Kidneys for Life.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everyone’s support. I raised in total £227 plus many signed up for Gift Aid too!

The support from this cycling community has been incredible, especially the ladies, who supported me all the way from across the Ocean – Kara and Tina – where only our blogs are a window into each other life and cycling adventures.

In a recent uni assignment, I researched and wrote about how Social Media is enabling and supporting new collective identities, and my own experience is certainly testament to that. There’s a clear interest by many that our cities should not be driven (pardon the pun) by cars, but where the scale of interaction should be at human-scale, politically this is inevitably the Achilles’ heel as so much of the strongest and most powerful lobby groups are motor-vehicles orientated. The blogosphere is enabling people with similar interests, views and aspirations to get together and reclaim a sense of control, in being able to shape our environment. Cycling wise – with an emphasis on the urban environment, not the simple Sunday ride – just look at my much edited (simply for space) list of blogs, or look at the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain example, the flashmob of Blackfriars Bridge in London and so on!

It’s now relatively easy, only recently though, to convince our local authorities to support a local farmers market or give grants for “neighbours day” etc to improve the quality of our built environment, but ask them to close main city centre areas to cars and they’ll be up in arms! Why? Because they are too scared of the ‘consequences’, of the upset they may cause…. because in essence cars have become the bully of our cities. When in reality they should have the strength to take the first step, although they may find initial resistance, they will also too find that a lot of people would be much grateful for being able to enjoy their cities at a slower pace.

My first ever charity bike ride was to support two great causes, but it was also to make a small mark that cycling can be and should be for everyday transport, going from A to B.

I did go from A to B, in a pretty dress and flats, the fact that there were 40 miles between the two points is secondary 😉 But at the end, a part from a bit of achy muscles I could have easily gone for coffee with friends.

Thanks again for all your  generous support!


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