Bike Fabulous – 25.06.11 – Wheelers’ Brunch

On Saturday, Wheelers’ Brunch headed over to the Arndale for Bike Fabulous.

The aim was to go and visit to show support, but on arrival, at 11am when it started, the stalls were already packed with people! What a lovely sight to see!

The bikes on show were all sensible commuting bikes, complete with racks, fenders and baskets!

There were bikes powering smoothie makers, bikes powering the PA system and more. I even lent a hand for some pedal power for a little bit 😀 And I dragged Darrell in for bit of hard work! Sorry Darrell! You can see a lil’ video over at his blog.

I took some photos so to share the day. Big thumbs up for all the hard work that the people at Bike Fabulous and Love Your Bike put into the event, it looked superb and hopefully some people were inspired that cycling is for everyone, in everyday clothes. It’s great to see so much support and enthusiasm for cycling as a mode of transport, not just leisure… we just have to hope that Manchester Council will pick up on this and realise our city can accommodate the bike, it just needs willpower and good work from urbanists, planners and highway engineers (that actually cycle!).

*all photography (c)NaturallyCyclingManchester – if you want to use on your blog – i.e. not commercially – I only ask that you pls link back here. Cheers 😀

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