Vintage ‘window’

I have been enjoying the vintage series on The Sartorialist. A small window into the history of not only fashion per se, but also society & costume.

On Sunday this great photo was published!

copyrights to (c)TheSartorialist

I imagine he was a French gentleman, judging from the shop signage behind him.

Sometime a big fuss is made about cycling in ‘chic’ clothing, and although not strictly pro ‘chic’ I do make a big noise about that too… mostly for the idea that cycling in your ‘normal’, everyday clothes isn’t something new or something subversive (!) but something that was the natural thing to do just few decades ago, and that now has become the oddity in the rule, overwhelmed by a sea of fluorescent stuff and expensive specialised clothing for going from A to B.

I take my hat off to reminders like Monsieur David here! (if you click on the photo, the original file is saved as “Pepe 1950” 😀 )


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