We’ve done it!!

And so,

Yesterday, Pashley and I completed the Manchester-Liverpool bike ride. It was made possible by having fantastic company thanks to Jacky of Northwest Is Best, together with Ruth and her partner Justin.

The weather couldn’t have been more testing though… we cycled 37 miles (and more) all against a strong headwind, and got pretty soaked towards Widnes in just a 10min downpour!

It was an amazing feeling getting to the finishing line! The ride was in parts pleasant, when off road, but the on-road parts not so much… I think a good half of the route was on-roads, which all had about 40m/hr and even 50m/hr speed limits… arrowing at times!

But on the plus side, it made us (the participants) look out for each other and strike up good conversations at the few refreshments points.

Also, I am pleased to report, I did do the ride in a pretty dress and no lycra in sight! As I promised I would do, for my sponsorship… so much so that at the end I was known to others and the organisers as “The lady in a chequered skirt and pretty bike”… mission accomplished, I’d say 😀

at the start!

first break stop - banana and jelly babies ;P near Dunham Massey

good company makes all the difference!

approaching Cuerdley powerstation

more refreshments!

Cuerdley powerstation

the River Mersey estuary

no lycra in sight! 😉

Merseyside transpennine trail

we are nearly there!!! 1 mile to go.

We've done it!

Pashley is exhausted... not the only one!

happy, tired people!

To give you an idea of the wind… a very short and simple video 1mile from the finishing line…

I am still collecting sponsorship 😀 I am so close to my £200 target *hint*hint* lol!


10 responses to “We’ve done it!!

  1. Well done Lorenza and co. I know what the weather was like for you so to do your first ‘distance’ ride was even more of a challenge. Hope you are not too sore now it’s all over? Wishing you luck with the sponsorship. Ciao.

    • I am so impressed/surprised that I have not been aching at all! I think Pashley did a better job than any other bikes, although at times, against the headwind, she was truly heavy! 🙂

      PS – Thank you so much for your support! x

  2. 37 miles on a Pashley, wind, and no lycra – IMPRESSIVE! No way I could have done it, for many reasons – but a good cause is certainly reason enough! It looked beautiful and you look happy. Well done.

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