Bad [cycling] infrastructure is worse than no infrastructure…

…Why? Because with bad infrastructure the council/local authority can think that Road X has infrastructure… i.e. on paper there is perhaps a marked line that says: “cycle path” or something along those lines…

But in reality the so called cycle path/lane is soooo bad, that no-one in their right might would ever want to use it!

Today I was cycling back from Chorlton using ‘my’ beloved Floop (Fallowfield Loop), which gets the thumbs up from me everyday, and needed to pop to B&Q, so I came off the Floop earlier, along Kingsway (A34).

I ♥ Floop (that's an idea for a t-shirt!!)

First of all, I cannot still understand why, in an urban, built up area we still need a dual carriageway with a speed limit of 40m/hr, where most drivers usually do 50m/hr????

Anyhow, because of the dual carriage and the speed, you are allowed (on certain sections) to cycle on the pavement (shared path system and all)…

apologies for the blur


How on earth would anyone think people would choose to cycle on something that looks like this?

The crappiest of surfaces ever!

Me, cycling on that? No thanks!

The sad and frustrating thing is that someone, somewhere in the council will have a lovely neat folder that under Kingsway/A34 has a nice big tick box under “Cycling Infrastructure provision”… And what’s worse is that, I wouldn’t be suprised is someone would say “well, the cycling infrastructure is there, but people don’t use it, so there’s no need to put more in place”…

Perhaps it’s best to have NO infrastructure at all, then at least we’d have a nice clean canvas to start with!


5 responses to “Bad [cycling] infrastructure is worse than no infrastructure…

  1. Yeah, I would not feel very comfortable riding on that. My bike lanes are so hit and miss. Some are great, some are just full of cracks and holes and are a repository for broken glass.

  2. I get very annoyed with the council here, and I’m sure it happens everywhere, but at the end of the financial year they’ll dig up and recurface perfectly good roads (some of which have only been resurfaced 6 months earlier) without a second thought to improving, or in some cases, creating cycle lanes. All of this is done to stop their budget being cut next year. What can we do?!

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