From sharing a vision to thinking outside the box


Yesterday I attended the second meeting of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain (CEoGB), which was held here in Manchester.

It was great to meet the faces behind blogs such as I Bike London, The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club et al. But more than anything else, it was uplifting and rather inspiring to talk to people, who share the same vision. Considering we all have day jobs, any interest, energy and effort that are being put into the CEoGB is from simply shear willpower and being able to visualise a different future, where I hope cycling will be considered as a transport mode accessible to all.

one corner of the meeting

I left with so many ideas buzzing in my head and the feeling of being part of a progressive group of people 😀

*This is my own personal view and experience of the meeting.

Because – at the moment – considering cycling as your main mode of transport is in effect an effort of thinking outside the box, I am enjoying thinking outside the box in other parts of my life 😉

I think I mentioned in the past that since November I vouched to not buy any new clothes for a year, the reasons are many. Mostly rooted in the wish to move away from mad consumerism and re-learn to use my hands in making things – sew clothes, amend them, repair them etc.

I saw not long ago a nice vintage-y dress (late 70s, I think); the top half was too small, but at £5 I liked the bottom half enough to think “I will unpick the dress and turn it into a skirt”. Not having done this before, at first I was a bit unsure, but considering I never thought I would become an everyday cyclist, say, two years ago, I reconsidered my abilities 😀 (another reasons for cycling: it builds your confidence like nothing else!).

And so I went for it!

This is the dress pre-deconstruction:

This is turned into a skirt… simples!

And it passed the bike-friendly test too!

We don’t have to conform with what the ‘norm’ seems to tell us: “you must own a car” even though your city may provide you with alternatives or “you must spend money and buy into our throw-away society”… my grandma, who amongst running few restaurants was also a seamstress, would have cringed at places like Primark et al. But that’s another rant story, this is a cycling blog 😉  


2 responses to “From sharing a vision to thinking outside the box

  1. Love that skirt! Good job.
    I also like to make thing with my hands. Everytime I wear my handmade clothes I feel very proud of me 😉

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