Back from Wales

Back on the saddle after a week sans bike…


…rain is BACK!

Since the belated Wheelers’ Brunch we had on the 7th of May, rain hasn’t really stopped.

But we keep on cycling, with a smile and just wearing normal clothes… it may be annoying and a tad depressing to have rain in May, but you know it’s just… H2O! 😀

On my way to WB - 7/05/11 - wearing clothes that would quickly dry!

Apologies for lack of post on Wheelers’ Brunch… you can read Alan‘s post on his blog here!


3 responses to “Back…

    • 😀 hey Emma! Small world eh?! I am currently studying for an MSc, I’ve taken a year break from work to do something exciting and inspiring… it’s working 😀 x

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