Weekly shop

Another week, another weekly shop by bike with panniers. Yes, it’s as easy as that!

Wish more people would give it a go. Yet again mine was the only bike parked at the racks, but kudos to Aldi to provide a decent number of racks and close to the entrance!

Plus, I mean… don’t you think that it would not only brighten your day, cycling with flowers on your pannier, but also drivers too? 😀 Well, that’s my theory anyway!


6 responses to “Weekly shop

  1. Shopping with panniers is the way forward! I’ve been doing it myself for a couple of months now, riding down to Chorlton to get food from the Unicorn Grocery, because the fare that is on offer is much better than that in the city centre.

    My record haul was 28kg!

    • Hi Marchie! I definitely enjoy my shopping by bike and with the rear panniers I don’t feel any difference either in my riding 🙂 btw I didn’t know Jenny is a fellow Pashley owner… nice!

  2. I have just recently purchased a bike, and want to use it more for shopping etc…. seeing this entry has confirmed I am definitely getting panniers for my bike as soon as. Being a new cyclist, I am just loving reading all these bike blogs :-).

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