Impromptus picnic

Apologies for lack of posting lately, the weather has been so nice I’ve just been enjoying riding my bike and leaving my camera at home 😉

I keep thinking this blip of good weather can’t be lasting that long so I am making the most of it… hope you are too!

Yesterday my Mr called me, on his way back from the office and proposed an impromptus picnic in Birchfield Park… I love last minute ideas like that, so I quickly made a tangy salad, a grabbed a couple of bananas and off I went to meet him!


Pashley as pretty as a picture! (I know, I am bias!)

Mr's handbuilt fixie - Italian 70s frame 😀


4 responses to “Impromptus picnic

  1. We’ve been spoilt with the weather this month…but c’mon…positive mental attitude & all that…IT WILL BE SUNNY TILL THE END OF OCTOBER!!!

    ***fingers crossed***

    Nice fixie :>)

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